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DateTime (Beijing)SpeakerInstituteTitleHost
12/5/20249amQingyun LiWUSTLTBDChuan Wu
10/3/20249amShannon TurleyGenentech IncTBDChuan Wu
9/19/20249amDaniel GrayThe Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, AustraliaTBDChuan Wu
9/12/20249amNiki MoutsopoulosNIDCR/NIHTBDChuan Wu
9/5/20249amLi-Hao HuangFudan UniversityTBDChuan Wu
8/29/20249amYinqing LiTsinghua UniversityTBDChuan Wu
8/25/20249amHui YangFudan UniversityTBDChuan Wu
8/22/20249amEmma YeeCellTBDChuan Wu
8/18/20249amJinfei NiFudan UniversityTBDChuan Wu
8/15/20249amXiaoyu HuTsinghua UniversityTBDChuan Wu
8/11/20249amRyan YoungNCI/NIHTBDChuan Wu
8/8/20249amAmanda PoholekUniversity of PittsburghTBDChuan Wu
8/4/20249pmConggang ZhangTsinghua UniversityTBDChuan Wu
8/1/20249pmThomas KornTechnical University of MunichTBDChuan Wu
7/28/20249pmNoah PalmYale UniversityTBDChuan Wu
7/25/20249pmYun LiangMichigen State UniversityTBDChuan Wu
7/21/20249amOliver HarrisonBenaroya Research InstituteTBDChuan Wu
7/18/20249pmKristin HogquistUniversity of MinnesotaTBDChuan Wu
7/14/20249amZhe JiNorthwestern UniversityTackling functional elements in the putative noncoding genome: polyadenylation and noncanonical translationChuan Wu
7/11/20249amTony TiganisMonash UniversityTBDChuan Wu
7/7/20249pmFan LiuLeibniz-Forschungsinstitut for Molecular Pharmacology, BerlinTBDChuan Wu
7/4/20249amChrysothemis BrownMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer CenterTBDChuan Wu
6/30/20249amXiao ShenZhejiang UniversityTBDChuan Wu
6/27/20249amSho YamasakiOsaka UniversityTBDChuan Wu
6/23/20249amJames ChousThe Interdisciplinary Research Center on Biology and Chemistry, IRCBCTBDChuan Wu
6/20/20249amChangtao JiangPeking UniversityTBDChuan Wu
6/16/20249amHao JinNIAID/NIHTBDChuan Wu
6/13/20249amRongze LuUCSFTargeting protein phosphate 2A to enhance anti-tumor immunityChuan Wu
6/9/20249amCheng ZhanUniversity of Science and Technology of ChinaNeuronal mechanisms underlying the interaction between feeding behavior and immune regulationChuan Wu
6/6/20249amBaidong HouInstitute of Biophysics, CASGerminal center competitionChuan Wu
6/2/20249amGaofeng FanShanghaiTech UniversitySignal Transduction and Metabolic Regulation in T cellsChuan Wu
5/30/20249amMarco ColonnaWUSTLTREM and LILR Receptors in Neurodegeneration and CancerChuan Wu
5/26/20249amDolly MehtaUniversity of IllinoisMacrophage Plasticity and Lung InjuryXiaolei Su
5/23/20249pmXinzhong DongJohns HopkinsThe roles of a novel GPCR family Mrgs in somatosensation and innate immunityChuan Wu
5/16/20249pmChristoph ThaissUPennTBDChuan Wu
5/9/20249amColin ReardonUC DavisHost-protective Neuroimmune Circuits during enteric bacterial infectionChuan Wu
5/2/20249amDiego BohorquezDukeDeciphering Visceral InstinctsChuan Wu
4/25/20249amJakob von MoltkeUniversity of WashingtonSmall Intestinal Tuft Cells: sentinels and effectors of type 2 immunityChuan Wu
4/18/20249amMichael WheelerBWH/HMSGlial control of immunoregulationChuan Wu
4/11/20249pmEric ChangFeinstein Institutes for Medical ResearchThe neural regulation and encoding of inflammationChuan Wu
4/4/20249amXiang ZhaoCenter for Excellence in Molecular Cell Science, CASThe mechanism of effective TCR signaling regulated by catch bondsChuan Wu
3/28/20249amChen YaoUTSWUnderstanding T-cell Immunity Against Infection and Cancer Using a Systems Immunology ApproachChuan Wu
3/21/20249amHonglin WangShanghai Jiaotong UniversityNeuron-Immunopathology in PsoriasisChuan Wu
3/14/20249amManuela RaffatelluUCSDNew insights on mucosal immunity to mucosal pathogensXiaolei Su
3/7/20249amChaoran LiEmory UniversityRegulation of tissue Tregs at homeostasis and during obesityChuan Wu
2/29/20249amLiang ZhouUniversity of FloridaMetabolic and Nutritional Impact on Gut ImmunityXiaolei Su
2/22/20249amAi Ing LimPrinceton UniversityMaternal-Offspring Immune PartnershipChuan Wu
2/8/20249amRong FanYaleSingle-cell and spatial omics for cancer immunologyChuan Wu
2/1/20249amDouglas GreenSt JudeFlatliners: Near Death Experiences in Cancer CellsChuan Wu
1/25/20249amXinyang SongCenter for Excellence in Molecular Cell Science, CASThe immunomodulatory functions of gut microbiome-derived metabolitesChuan Wu
1/18/20249amZhi LiuShanghai Immune Therapy InstituteRegulatory T cells: Chromatin architecture and non-immune function in tissue regenerationChuan Wu
1/11/20249amXiaofei YuFudan UniversityImmune sensitization by MCRS1 in pancreatic cancerChuan Wu
1/4/20249pmKate FitzgeraldU MassLnc’ing RNA to inflammationChuan Wu


DateTime (Beijing)SpeakerInstituteTitleHost
12/21/20239amLiang GeTsinghua UniversityTMEDs and unconventional protein secretionChuan Wu
12/14/20239amDan LiuWestlake UniversityDynamic encounters with red blood cells trigger splenic marginal zone B cell retention and functionChuan Wu
12/7/20239amFeng LiuShanghai Jiaotong UniversityUnveiling the human genetic mechanisms of sleep-disordered breathingChuan Wu
11/30/20239pmLing-Ling ChenCenter for Excellence in Molecular Cell Science, CASBiogenesis, function and potential application of circular RNAsChuan Wu
11/23/20239amLi YuTsinghua UniversityThe role of the migrasome in immune responseChuan Wu
11/16/20239amShuo WangInsitute of Microbiology, CASTissue resident commensal bacteria and tumor immune surveillanceChuan Wu
11/9/20239amZhihua GaoZhejiang UniversityExplore microglia metabolism to understand brain functionChuan Wu
11/2/20239amPaul KubesCalgary UniversitySimple injury models: Complex immune responsesChuan Wu
10/26/20239amJun WangInsitute of Microbiology, CASSequencing and Machine Learning Improve Resolution and Translation in Microbiome ResearchChuan Wu
10/19/20239amSteven ZieglerBenaroya Research InstituteThe biology of TSLPChuan Wu
10/12/20239pmFlorent GinhouxSIgN, A*STAR, SingarporeTissue Macrophage HeterogeneityChuan Wu
10/5/20239pmJingyuan FuUniversity of Groningen, NetherlandsThe gut microbiome and its role in immune response and inflammationChuan Wu
9/28/20239amMelanie SamuelBaylor College of MedicineMolecular regulation of microglia cell plasticity and function in the nervous systemChuan Wu
9/21/20239amAndres HidalgoYaleStructural immunity, a case of identity crisis?Chuan Wu
9/14/20239amXiaoping ZhongDukeTuning T Cell Development, Function, and Tolerance with Diacylglycerol KinasesXiaolei Su
9/7/20239pmHaihui XueCenter for Discovery and Innovation3D genome reorganization underlies cytotoxic T cell differentiationChuan Wu
8/31/20239amStephen GottschalkSt JudeSynthetic T cell Therapy for Pediatric CancerXiaolei Su
8/27/20239amJie ZhouTianjin Medical UniversityRole of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in early lifeChuan Wu
8/24/20239amJun WangNew York UniversityProbing novel immune evasion mechanisms for immunotherapy of cancer and beyondChuan Wu
8/20/20239amYi FanU PennVascular regulation of tumor immunityChuan Wu
8/17/20239amSun HurHarvard Medical SchoolSelf-assemblies in transcriptional regulation: Aire and FoxP3Chuan Wu
8/13/20239amJack BuiUCSDProductive immune responses to regressors tumors – cell intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms involving IL-17D and extracellular vesiclesChuan Wu
8/10/20239amRead Pukkila-WorleyU MassBacterial patterns of pathogenesis in intestinal immunityChuan Wu
8/6/20239pmAshley MosemanDukeRe-thinking upper airway immunityChuan Wu
8/3/20239amYvonne ChenUCLAEngineering Next-Generation T Cells for Cancer ImmunotherapyChuan Wu
7/30/20239amYuan GaoShanxi Medical UniversitySex-specific heterogeneity of neutrophilsChuan Wu
7/28/20239amJustin SonnenburgStanfordThe Diet-Gut Microbiome-Immune Axis in the Context of IndustrializationChuan Wu
7/23/20239amYuli LinFudan UniversityInitiating signal of type II immune response in pancreatitisChuan Wu
7/20/20239pmPamela SchwartzbergNIAID/NIHIntegrating T cell signals: Lessons from Primary Immunodeficiencies and PI3 KInaseChuan Wu
7/16/20239amWei WuCenter for Excellence in Molecular Cell Science, CASProgrammed lesions threaten neuronal genome integrity upon chemotherapyChuan Wu
7/13/20239amPeng ShiZhejiang UniversityCrosstalk between myeloid cells and neurons in the regulation of sympathetic tonicity and cardiovascular functionChuan Wu
7/9/20239amGary RenThe Jax LabStromal cell-immune cell interactions in the lung pre-metastatic nicheChuan Wu
7/6/20239amRoxane TussiwandNIDCR/NIHThe thin line between plasmacytoid and conventional dendritic cellsChuan Wu
7/2/20239amLi-Fan LuUCSDDistinct roles of IL-27 in regulating intestinal homeostasis in health and diseaseChuan Wu
6/29/20239amLeyuan MaU PennBoosting Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cell therapy via a synthetic vaccineXiaolei Su
6/25/20239amStanley HuangOhio State UTargeting macrophage metabolism for cancer immunotherapyChuan Wu
6/22/20239amYong LuHouston Methodist Research InstituteInduction of autosis by myxoma virus-infected CAR-T cells to overcome primary and acquired resistanceXiaolei Su
6/18/20239pmTaha MerghoubWeill Cornell Medical CollegeMechanism based approaches to overcome resistance to immune checkpoint blockadeXiaolei Su
6/15/20239amXu ZhouBoston Children's HospitalRegulation of tissue homeostasis and inflammationChuan Wu
6/11/20239amLilin YeThird Military Medical UniversityMultiple Layers of CD8+ T Cells responding to PD-1/PD-L1 ImmunotherapyChuan Wu
6/8/20239amWenfei JinSouthern University of Science and TechnologyDeveloping single cell omic technologies and study of immune and tumor immune at single cell resolutionChuan Wu
6/4/20239amAdam BarbUniversity of GeorgiaN-glycosylation of both the antibody and an antibody-binding receptor impacts cell activationXiaolei Su
6/1/20239pmKeji ZhaoNHLBI/NIHRegulation of T cell differentiation by three-dimensional chromatin interactionsChuan Wu
5/25/20239amBrian KimIcahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiSensing Inflammation in the Skin and BeyondChuan Wu
5/18/20239amXing ChangWestlake UniversityPost-transcriptional regulation in lymphocytesChuan Wu
5/11/20239amWei HuYale UniversityDynamic control of regulatory T cell function by autoimmune inflammationChuan Wu
5/4/20239pmChuan WuNCI/NIHImmune calibration of neuroendocrine homeostasisLi-Hao Huang
4/27/20239pmWilliam AgaceDTU Health Tech, DenmarkExploring intestinal dendritic cell heterogeneity and functionXiaolei Su
4/20/20239amShu ZhuUniversity of Science and Technology of ChinaThe intestinal immune, microbiota and therapyLihao Huang
4/13/20239amHao WuFudan UniversityRoles of gut microbes in the pathogenesis and development of obesity, NAFLD, and diabetes: a systems perspectiveXiaolei Su
4/6/20239pmMasanori AikawaBWH/HMSSystems approach to target discovery for inflammatory vascular diseaseXiaolei Su
3/30/20239amEnfu HuiUCSDUnconventional signaling mode of CD28 and CTLA4: when their ligands get onto T cellsChuan Wu
3/23/20239pmRichard FlavellYaleModelling human hematopoiesis, disease and even human organs in NextGEN humanized miceChuan Wu
3/16/20239amChristopher GarciaStanford UniversityExploring and exploiting principles of antigen recognition through protein engineeringChuan Wu
3/9/20239amYi ZhongShanghai Immune Therapy InstituteNatural genetic variation reveals principles of epigenetic regulation in T cell differentiationChuan Wu
3/2/20239pmMarit WesterterpUniversity of Groningen, NetherlandsCholesterol efflux pathways control T cell aging and atherosclerosisHanrui Zhang
2/23/20239amAxel KalliesUniversity of MelbourneDevelopment and maintenance of cytotoxic T cells in chronic infectionChuan Wu
2/16/20239amXin LinTsinghua UniversityTCR-based CAR-T cell therapy for cancerChuan Wu
2/9/20239amMarc JenkinsUniversity of MinnesotaHow antigen-specific helper T cells support cell-mediated and humoral immunity to infectionChuan Wu
2/2/20239amAndrew WangYale UniversitySchrödinger’s MouseLi-Hao Huang
1/19/20239pmFilip SwirskiIcahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiLifestyle and Cardiovascular DiseaseChuan Wu
1/12/20239amXiaoyun DaiYale UniversityEngineering Next Generation CAR-T Cells with CRISPRChuan Wu
1/5/20239amRio SugimuraUniversity of Hong KongThe role of immune checkpoint in human embryonic organoidsChuan Wu


DateTime (Beijing)SpeakerInstituteTitleHost
12/22/20229amKiyoshi TakedaOsaka UniversityThe host-microbiota interaction for the maintenance of intestinal homeostasisChuan Wu
12/15/20229amZhanguo LiPeking UniversityChallenge and opportunity in research of autoimmune diseasesChuan Wu
12/8/20229pmGunnar HanssonUniversity of Gothenburg, SwedenGoblet cell produced mucins protect our intestine and lungsChuan Wu
12/1/20229amSusan KaechSalkCo-opting Immune cells to Support Cancer Progression through Metabolic ReprogrammingChuan Wu
11/24/20229amGrégoire Altan-BonnetNCI/NIHThe immune system as a liquid brain? How machine learning helps in modeling self/non-self discrimination by T cells… and vice versaChuan Wu
11/17/20229amShang CaiWestLake UniversityThe lurking culprit of caner metastasis in the bac-groundChuan Wu
11/10/20229amMin PengTsinghua UniversityER calcium in naïve T cell homeostasisChuan Wu
11/3/20229pmAndrew GoodmanYaleMicrobiome population dynamics during inflammationChuan Wu
10/27/20229amAnanda GoldrathUCSDTranscriptional programming of anti-pathogen and anti-tumor immunityChuan Wu
10/20/20229amHeping XuWestlake UniversityB cell selection in the immune and nervous systemsChuan Wu
10/13/20229amRafi AhmedEmory UniversityT Cell Lifestyle during Chronic Viral Infection and Cancer: Implications for ImmunotherapyChuan Wu
10/6/20229amZheng ZhangSouth University of Science and TechnologyImmune pathogenesis and antibody responses in COVID-19Zhiqiang Jiang
9/29/20229pmLisa DenzinRutgers UniversityNon-classical MHC class II molecules modulate the immune response to chronic viral infectionsChuan Wu
9/22/20229amJiefu LiJanelia HHMIIn Situ Cell-Surface Proteomics: Method Development and ApplicationsChuan Wu
9/15/20229amJianqing XuInsitute for Biomedical Sciences Fudan UniversityNovel Car-T: from membrane target triggered killing to environment condition activated killingChuan Wu
9/8/20229pmJennifer GommermanUniversity of TorontoFantastic IgA Plasma Cells and where to find themChuan Wu
9/1/20229amTony Wyss-CorayStanford UniversityYoung blood for old brainsChuan Wu
8/29/20229amJiyang YuSt. JudeIdentifying Hidden Drivers in Immunology and Immuno-OncologyChuan Wu
8/25/20229amQiming LiangShanghai Jiaotong UniversityNon-protease based activation of human NLRP1 inflammasome by a viral proteinChuan Wu
8/22/20229amFubin LiShanghai Jiaotong UniversityImmunoglobulin G subclass in health and diseasesChuan Wu
8/18/20229pmGuoliang CuiDKFZ, GermanyHow long does an exhausted T cell survive in tumorChuan Wu
8/15/20229amYing WangInstitute of Nutrition&Health, CASLipid metabolism in the dialogue between stem cells and tissue microenvironmentChuan Wu
8/11/20229amAri MolofskyUCSFDynamic stromal-lymphocyte tissue nichesChuan Wu
8/8/20229pmXiaohuan GuoTsinghua UniversityThe ILC3 regulation in mucosal immunityChuan Wu
8/4/20228amSarkis MazmanianCal TechThe Gut Microbiome Impacts Neuroimmunity in a Mouse Model of Parkinson’s diseaseChuan Wu
8/1/20229pmWei GuoUniversity of PennsylvaniaExtracellular Vesicle in Immune Suppression and Tumor ProgressionChuan Wu
7/28/20229pmGregory SonnenbergWeill Cornell MedicineImmune regulation of health, inflammation, and cancer in the gastrointestinal tractChuan Wu
7/25/20229amBrian GulbransenMichigan State UniversityEnteric glia: neuroimmune modulators of the gastrointestinal tractChuan Wu
7/21/20229amChenqi XuSIBCBMembrane-proximal charge signalingChuan Wu
7/18/20229amWilliam Petri, Jr.University of VirginiaIL-13 as a driver of severity in COVID-19Chuan Wu
7/14/20229amXiaolei SuYale UniversityCAR as a tool for deciphering transmemberance signaling and reprogramming immune cellsChuan Wu
7/11/20229amBing SuShanghai Jiaotong UniversityThe immune receptor signaling and function mediated by the conserved MAP kinase kinase kinase MEKK2/3Xiaolei Su
7/7/20229pmIliyan IlievWeill Cornell MedicineMycobiota at the crossroads of Protective Immunity and Inflammatory DiseasesChuan Wu
7/4/20229amHiroshi OhnoRIKEN Center for Integrative Medical SciencesGut microbial carbohydrate metabolism impacts host insulin resistanceChuan Wu
6/30/20229pmDan LittmanNYU/Skirball InstituteMicrobiota-instructed T cell differentiation in health and diseaseChuan Wu
6/27/20229amPenghui ZhouSun-Yat Sen Univ.Defined Tumor Antigen Specific T Cells Potentiate Personalized TCR-T Cell TherapyChuan Wu
6/23/20229amAviv RegevGenentech/Broad InstituteCell atlases as roadmaps to understand and treat diseaseChuan Wu
6/20/20229amKai YangIndiana UniversityUnderstanding Treg lipid peroxidation and ferroptosis in tumor immunoevasionChuan Wu
6/16/20229amHanrui ZhangColumbia UniversityMacrophage Biology and Functional Genomics in Cardiometabolic DiseasesXiaolei Su
6/13/20229amJohn LukensUniversity of VirginiaRole of DNA Damage Surveillance by the Innate Immune System in NeurodevelopmentJie Sun
6/9/20229amAlexander MarsonUCSFDecoding and Reprogramming Human T Cell Genetics with CRISPRChuan Wu
6/6/20229amWeiguo CuiMedical College of WisconsinSingle-cell Multi-omics Reveals Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of T cell ExhaustionChuan Wu
6/2/20229amJing YangPeking UniversityNeuroimmune regulation of spleen immunity and beyondChuan Wu
5/26/20229pmSoman Ninan AbrahamDukeMast cells in Immune SurveillanceXiaolei Su
5/19/20229pmThirumala-Devi KannegantiSt. JudeMolecular mechanisms of innate immunity and inflammatory cell death, PANoptosisChuan Wu
5/12/20229amRogelio Hernandez-LopezStanfordT cell circuits that senses antigen density with an ultrasensitive thresholdXiaolei Su
5/5/20229pmRonald GermainNIAID/NIHUsing Advanced Imaging Methods to Develop Insights into Immune System Organization and Function at the Tissue LevelChuan Wu
4/28/20229pmTak MakUniversity of TorontoBeyond Immune Checkpoint Blockade: Emerging StrategiesChuan Wu
4/21/20229amDi WangZhejiang UniversityAn Ionic Control of ImmunometabolismJun Chen
4/14/20229pmEran ElinavWeizmann Institute of Science, IsraelHost Microbiome Interactions in Health and DiseaseChuan Wu
4/7/20229amPeng JiangNCI/NIHCytokines signaling activity at the tissue and single-cell levelChuan Wu
3/31/20229amKenya HondaRIKEN Center for Integrative Medical SciencesMining the gut microbiota to develop rationally designed microbial therapeuticsChuan Wu
3/24/20229amHuabing LiShanghai Jiaotong UniversityRNA epigenetics and immunityChuan Wu
3/17/20229pmHao WuHMS/BCHStructural elucidation of inflammasome biologyXiaolei Su
3/10/20229amYufang ShiSooChow UniversityImmune Regulation by Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal CellsChuan Wu
3/3/20229pmNan-Ping WengNIA/NIHAging of T cell immunity measured by TCR repertoire and CD8+ T cell responseChuan Wu
2/24/20229amFeng WangShanghai Jiaotong UniversityRegulation of T cell receptor signaling by lipid metaboliteChuan Wu
2/17/20229amW. K. Eddie IpMayo ClinicMetabolic control of macrophage functional polarization by SLC programmingXu Zhou
2/10/20229amMingzhao ZhuInstitute of Biophysics, CASThymic trafficking control for T cell development and functionChuan Wu
1/27/20229pmHenrique Veiga-FernandesThe Champalimaud Centre, PortugalNeuronal regulation of immune fitnessChuan Wu
1/20/20229amJenny TingUNCThe all-encompassing importance of innate immune receptorsChuan Wu
1/13/20229amGuangyong PengSaint Louis UniversityTargeting senescent T cells in the tumor microenvironment for cancer immunotherapyXiaolei Su
1/6/20229pmLuke O'NeillTrinity College DublinAdventures in Inflammation ResearchChuan Wu


DateTime (Beijing)SpeakerInstituteTitleHost
12/23/20219amGang ZhouAugusta UOxidative stress and antitumor immunityXiaolei Su
12/16/20219amWanjun ChenNIDCRThe development and function of regulatory T cellsChuan Wu
12/9/20219amJinjun ShiBWH, HMSRNA Nanomedicine for Cancer Immunotherapy and BeyondBaochun Zhang
12/2/20219pmBurkhard BecherUniv. of ZurichImmunopathology:the monocyte to phagocyte transition in tissue inflammationChuan Wu
11/25/20219amTuoqi WuUT SouthwesternTranscriptional regulation of long-term T cell immunityXiaolei Su
11/18/20219amJin JinZhejiang UniversityThe metabolic disorder of T cells leads to neurological and inflammatory diseasesXiaolei Su
11/11/20219amFeng ShaoNIBSPyroptosis in antibacterial and antitumor immunityChuan Wu
11/4/20219pmMichael LenardoNIAIDGene identification in congenital immune diseases lead to precision medicine therapiesChuan Wu
10/28/20219pmFrancisco QuintanaBWH, HMSNovel approaches for the study of neuroimmune interactionsChuan Wu
10/21/20219amYe ZhengSalkNew Influencers of Foxp3 Expression and Treg FunctionEnfu Hui
10/14/20219pmPing-Chih HoLudwig Institute for Cancer Research, LausanneMitochondrial dynamics orchestrate T cell anti-tumor immunityChengcheng Jin
10/7/20219pmWendy GarrettHarvard Public HealthThe gut microbiota in colon cancer and kidney diseaseChuan Wu
9/30/20219pmDaniel MucidaRockefellerRoles of γδ-IELs in colorectal cancerChuan Wu
9/23/20219amP'ng LokeNIAIDHeterogeneity of Type 2 Immune Responses during helminth infectionsChuan Wu
9/16/20219pmHongyan WangCAS-Biochem & Cell BioMetabolism and macrophage function during infectionJun Chen
9/9/20219amKen CadwellNYUHost adaptations to microbial diversityChuan Wu
9/2/20219amJonathan KipnisWUSTLBrain edges at the center of neuroimmune interactionsChuan Wu
8/29/20219amChen DongTsinghuaRegulation of type 17 immunity in health and diseasesChuan Wu
8/26/20219amHaitao WenOhio StateAntiviral function of O-GlcNAc transferase: immunity plus metabolismXu Zhou
8/22/20219amZihai LiOhio StateMerging Roles of Platelets in Immuno-Oncology: Old Dog But Not New TricksXu Zhou
8/19/20219amBen AfzaliNIDDKNext generation approaches to untangling COVID-19Chuan Wu
8/15/20219amJinfang ZhuNIAIDHeterogeneity and Functions of CD4 T Helper (Th) and Innate Lymphoid Cell (ILC) SubsetsChuan Wu
8/12/20219amThaddeus StappenbeckCleveland ClinicPaneth cells and their role in innate immunity and shaping the microbiomeChuan Wu
8/8/20219amFeilong MengSIBCBRepair of AID-initiated DNA lesions in B cellsChuan Wu
8/5/20219amJun R HuhHMSImmune modulatory roles of the microbial metabolites of bile acidsChuan Wu
8/1/20219amXuanming YangShanghai Jiaotong Unvi.Engineering chimeric antigen receptor modified T cells against solid tumorJun Chen
7/29/20219amLai Guan NgSingapore Immunology Network, A*STARNeutrophils: The Power of ManyXiaoyu Hu
7/25/20219amWenwen ZengTsinghua UniversityPeripheral neural control of lipid metabolism and neural-immune responseChuan Wu
7/22/20219amIsaac ChiuHMSNociceptor neuron regulation of barrier immune responsesChuan Wu
7/18/20219amYichuan XiaoInstitute of Nutrition&Health, CASKU-mediated DNA sensing in T cell potentiates aging-induced autoimmunityChuan Wu
7/15/20219amPengcheng BuCAS-BiophysicsMetabolism drives coloerctal cancer metastasisJizhong Lou
7/11/20219amDi YuU. QueenslandFollicular helper T cells: from autoimmunity to vaccinationXiaolei Su
7/8/20219pmLinrong LuZhejiang U.MINK1 kinase: a missing link between environmental stress and T cell immunityWei Chen
7/4/20219amLei ZhangShenzhen Bay LabDissecting the mechanisms of cancer immunotherapies by single-cell analysesMo Xu
7/1/20219pmWeiping ZouU MichMetabolic impact on cancer immunity and therapyQiao Wang
6/27/20219amLanfen ChenXiamen U.Function of Hippo Signalling in Macrophage and Host Antimicrobial DefenseJun Chen
6/24/20219pmJagan MuppidiNCIFAS-mediated counterselection in the germinal center and lymphomaChuan Wu
6/20/20219amPengyuan YangCAS-BiophysicsHBV-initialed carcinogenesis and immune microenvironmentJizhong Lou
6/17/20219amXuyu ZhouInstitute of Microbiology, CASControl of Treg heterogeneity and stabilityChuan Wu
6/13/20219amLiang ShanWUSTLCARD8 is an inflammasome sensor for HIV-1 protease activityXu Zhou
6/10/20219amYuefeng HuangColumbiaInnate lymphoid cell mediated gut-lung immune axisChuan Wu
6/6/20219amHai QiTsinghuaAffinity maturation in the germinal center: from T cells to B cells and backChuan Wu
6/3/20219amMeng XuTsinghuaCell-type-specific m6A programs underlying immune evasionMo Xu
5/27/20219amHongbo ChiSt. Jude Children’s HospitalIntegrating immunometabolism and systems immunology in immunity and diseaseChuan Wu
5/20/20219pmYisong WanUNCTGF-beta signaling controlled T cell function in health and diseaseQiao Wang
5/13/20219pmGuohong HuCAS-Nutrition & HealthMicroenvironmental regulation of breast cancer metastatic colonizationQiao Wang
5/6/20219amWeiqiang ChenNYUMicroengineered Biosystems for Cancer Immunotherapy Screening: From biology to mechanicsXu Zhou
4/29/20219pmBaochun ZhangDFCI/HarvardInsight into Epstein-Barr virus immunity and a new immune approach for B-cell malignanciesXu Zhou
4/15/20219amJie SunZhejiang UniversityCalibration of CAR activation potential directs alternative T cell fates and therapeutic potencyXu Zhou
4/8/20219pmQiang LiuTianjin General HospitalThe immunology of stroke: from bench to clinicXu Zhou
4/1/20219amJingshi ShenU ColoradoIdentify regulators of cytotoxic lymphocyte-mediated tumor killing using genetic screensEnfu Hui
3/25/20219amQing YiHouston Methodist Cancer Center/Weill CornellRoles of T-Cell Subsets and TME in Cancer ImmunotherapyEnfu Hui
3/18/20219amBo HuangCAMS/PUMCForce-driven immunologyEnfu Hui
3/11/20219amYingxiao WangUCSDSynthetic biology and controllable CAR T engineering for cancer immunotherapyEnfu Hui
3/4/20219amChuan WuNIHImmune-neural transmission regulates gut sensationLihao Huang
2/25/20219amJie SunMayo ClinicRespiratory viral infection: from acute morbidity to chronic sequelaeLihao Huang
2/18/20219amYan ShiTsinghuaOccupancy Based Suppression by Regulatory T cellsXiaoyu Hu
2/4/20219pmXiaoyu HuTsinghuaDeciphering monocyte/macrophage phenotypes in inflammatory diseasesXuebin Liao
1/28/20219amMing LiMSKCCImmunological Mechanisms of Cancer DefenseLihao Huang
1/21/20219pmWenwei TuHongkong Univ.The antiviral and antitumor activities of human gamma delta T cellsQiao Wang
1/14/20219amYonghui ZhangTsinghuaThe control of immunity by isoprenoid metabolism: from vaccine to T cell immunotherapyXuebin Liao
1/7/20219amYubin ZhouTexas A&MEngineering of intelligent immune cells with precision switchesLihao Huang


DateTime (Beijing)SpeakerInstituteTitleHost
12/31/20209amNu ZhangUT Health San AntonioCD8+ T cells in autoimmunityXiaolei Su
12/17/20209amDongfang LiuRutgersNatural Killer Cells: from basic biology to clinical applicationXiaolei Su
12/10/20209amTing ZhouWestlakeSynthetically tuning cytokine for next generation cancer immunotherapyXu Zhou
12/3/20209amHaidong TangTsinghuaImmune checkpoint molecules in host for cancer therapyXiaolei Su
11/19/20209amGuangchuan WangCAS SIBCBUsing CRISPR-mediated genetically engineered mouse model to dissect the dominators in cancer immunotherapyXiaolei Su
11/12/20209amWanli LiuTsinghuaThe mechanical clues during the initiation of B cell activationXiaolei Su
11/5/20209amTianmin FuOSUHigher-order Assemblies Drive Death Receptor SignalingXiaolei Su
10/29/20209amYangxin FuUTSWFrom DNA damage to innate sensingHaidong Tang
10/22/20209amXu ZhouHarvardCellular and environmental interactions in tissue homeostasis and inflammationXiaolei Su
10/15/20209amLihao HuangWash U.Interstitial lipoprotein trafficking via lymphatics in autoimmune disease - Surprising role of the immune systemXiaolei Su
10/8/20209amPeng WuScrippsChemical tools to boost the efficacy of cell-based immunotherapyXiaolei Su
9/24/20209amXiaofei YuFudan Unvi.Circadian regulations of T cellsQiao Wang
9/17/20209pmNan YanUTSWInnate immune STING signaling in infection, autoimmune disease, and cancerXiaolei Su
9/10/20209pmChaoran LiEmory Univ.Regulation of adipose-tissue TregsXiaolei Su
9/3/20209amJun ChenSun-Yat Sen Univ.The mechanisms of phagocytosis checkpoint blockade mediated cancer immunotherapyEnfu Hui
8/27/20209pmWenxia SongUniv. MarylandRegulating the balance of B-cell responses by the cytoskeletonXiaolei Su
8/13/20209pmZhihua LiuTHUMembrane trafficking: a new cellular target of commensalsXiaolei Su
8/6/20209amJizhong LouCASMechano-regulated immunoreceptor recognition: a structural perspectiveWei Chen
7/30/20209amHaibin RuanUMNProtein O-GlcNAcylation: a sentinel and regulator of immune responsesXiaolei Su
7/23/20209amJun WangNYUTumor-site immune modulation: target discovery for next-generation cancer immunotherapyXiaolei Su
7/16/20209pmQiao WangFudan UniversityNeutralizing Antibodies against Infectious PathogensXiaolei Su
7/9/20209amXiaolei SuYale UniversityPhase separation of T cell signalingEnfu Hui
7/2/20209amWei ChenZhejiang UniversityMechano-Chemical Regulation of Immunoreceptor Recognition and TriggeringXiaolei Su
6/25/20209amFuping YouPKUEpigenetics and anti-viral innate immunityBo Zhong
6/18/20209amEnfu HuiUCSDMechanistic dissection of T cell inhibitory signalingXiaolei Su
6/11/20209amMo XuNIBSA tale of Jekyll and Hyde: Tracking the two-faced T cell response to a pathobiontXiaolei Su
6/4/20209amBo ZhongWuhan UniversityDeubiquitinating enzymes in immunity and tumorigenesis: mechanisms and targeted therapyFuping You
5/28/20209amJiazhi HuPKUPhase separation regulation in developing B lymphocytesXiaolei Su
5/21/20209amHaopeng WangShanghai TechDesign of a RECYCLABLE car with durable antitumor functionXiaolei Su
5/14/20209pmLi TangEPFLMetabolic and Chemical Immunoengineering Enhances Anti-Tumor ImmunityJiazhi Hu
5/7/20209amNing JiangUT AustinMulti-dimensional single T cell profilingWei Chen
4/30/20209amWenxian FuGenentechTranscriptional regulation of Treg homeostasis and differentiationEnfu Hui
4/23/20209amChenqi XuCAST-cell lipid biologyXiaolei Su

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